Silent Grace

est. June 2008

Toilette à Compost

The Toilette à Compost project is a sustainable ecological sanitation project that addresses the community’s environmental, public health, sanitary, and social needs, while it improves agricultural outputs through a custom-designed off-site composting system.

compost termometer

The project consists of three different endeavors that are operating simultaneously within the community:

  • Education: The project follows the Ecological Sanitation (EcoSan) model of toilet design, usage and operation that is different from traditional latrine use or household toilet operation. These changes in habits and behaviors call for an integrated approach towards community education that includes community members, community leaders, and visitors.
  • Toilet Operation: The responsibilities of the Toilet Operator are very detailed and vital in the assembly line of the whole project.
  • Compost Operation: The Compost Operator keeps the compost site under sanitary conditions (in accordance to WHO standards), maintains it, and is in charge of distributing the compost once it’s ready.

Silent Grace’s project objectives are directly influenced by the immediate benefits in waste management up to the long-term and continuous benefits of EcoSan living:

  • Work with the community to build a total of six communal toilet structures and a shared compost site.
  • Facilitate leadership and organizational tools to community leaders in order for them to perform the capacity-building workshops within the community.
  • Observe a reduction in water pollutants over time. A second water quality analysis will be conducted a year after the first toilet is built.
  • Organize the community behind a project that they will see through even after there is no external presence of an institution over time.
  • Convert human waste to organic compost and make it available to farmers inside and outside of the community.
  • Design a transferable comprehensive model of community organization and sustainable development.

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